Coach Young


Welcome Back!! I hope you had a great summer and are ready to get back to school and have a great time learning new things and seeing old friends. The following are some suggestions to increase the likelihood of your success in my class this year. Follow these suggestions and I can guarantee you’ll have a fun and exciting year while learning at the same time.

Class Rules:

  1. Be on time and prepared.
  2. Listen while others are talking.
  3. Respect other students, teachers and property.
  4. Provide effort.


Your textbook will be assigned by Coach Young.  You will be required to bring this textbook to class with you each day.

 Materials (supplied by student)

  • paper
  • pen or pencil

Students will not  be required to keep a notebook in this class, but will be encouraged to keep one on their own.  They should keep all notes and graded papers in this notebook.  By keeping this information, they will always have access to papers in case there is a problem with their grades or assignments.  No adjustments will be made to grades at the end of the nine weeks unless students can produce their papers and show evidence that there was a mistake in grading or recording of the grade. 


II. Course Format

  The material will be presented in various formats, ranging from lecture, discussion, exploration, and the use of technology.  Also, students will at times be expected to work in groups on projects and assignments, do some independent study outside the classroom, and other types of learning models.

III.  Tests and Quizzes

Tests- Students will be tested regularly in this class.  These tests, not to exceed one (1) per week, will consist of several combinations of the following:

1.      Matching

2.      Fill in the Blank

3.      Multiple Choice

4.      True/False

5.      Short Answer

6.      Essay- classic 5 paragraph style

Quizzes- Students will be taking quizzes at various times throughout the class.  Quizzes can be either announced or unannounced, but will always be based on material and information that the students have been taught in class.  No quiz or test will ever be counted toward a grade if students have not been given prior instruction on the material.

IV.  Final Exam

There will be a final exam for this class.  The content of the final exam can be comprehensive in nature.  Any material covered throughout the semester can be included in the test.

V.  Other Assignments

Essays-  Essays will be a key part of daily assignments during this class.  Improving the students written expression and ability to write is essential for success at the college level.  These essays will be standard 5 paragraph essays most of the time, however, the instructor reserves the right to change the format at any time.

VI.  Grading Policy

Grades are based on a point system.  Each assignment will have a point value.  At the end of each 9 weeks, points achieved will be divided by the number of points possible for each student and a grade is determined.  The grading scale is as follows:
A:  90-100%
B:  80-89%
C:  70-79%
D:  60-69%
F:  59 and below



VII.  Work Handed in Late

In most cases, students will be allowed to hand in assignments no matter how late during the nine weeks grading period they are.  The exception is that no work will be taken late during the final week of the nine weeks grading period.  Points will be deducted from all late assignments based on the amount of tardiness for the assignment (usually 10 points because the work is late and no more than 5 points per day above that).  After the make-up work/late work date for any nine weeks grading period has passed, no late work or make-up work will be accepted for that nine weeks period.


VIII.  Classroom Expectations

  • Bring materials to class:  paper, pencil, calculator, etc.
  • Be respectful of others
  • When others are talking, remain quiet and listen.
  • Listen to and follow directions.
  • Do not skip class or cut class.
  • No food or drink (except bottled water) will be allowed in the classroom.  This includes gum, mints, and candies.
  • Be respectful when visitors are present in the classroom.
  • Treat substitute teachers with respect.
  • Obey all school rules.
  • Get your make-up work whenever you are absent from class.
  • Get to class on time and be in the classroom ready to work when the tardy bell rings.
  • Do not disturb class or disrupt the learning environment.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Only one student is allowed to be on the floor at one time, except in lab situations.
  • Be honest.  Cheating and copying will not be allowed.


Lessons Covered:
General Health/Hygiene
Body Systems
Alcohol & Tobacco

3rd Quarter:

Health Triangle:  


Current Event Assignment

Health is ongoing and all around us. This is a time of exciting new health developments. You will need to complete 18 Current Events during the semester. This will require you to read magazines, newspapers and visit online websites. The focus of these reactions is to engage you in a personal and critical examination of current issues and events relevant to the Health Curriculum. The assignment will provide you an opportunity to look at these public health issues through your own eyes. 



1. Choose a news article published within the past 3 months, related to health or Physical Education or physical fitness.  An Article that is chosen clearly related to current health topics. It gives information to understand health better and needs to come from a news source. The article can be digital (online) or print (newspaper, magazine).


2. Read the article thoroughly.


3. Write at least 2 paragraphs about the article to summarize it. Paragraphs should be AT LEAST 5 sentences each. 

   *Paragraph 1: Summary of the article in your own words.

   *Paragraph 2: Connections to you or your reaction and thoughts on the article. 


At the top of the page, please include the following information:


Title of the article

Date of publication (when article was written)



Sources you can use:

Current Event







Full title of the article, author’s name & date of publication is included (if available)

1 of the heading requirements are missing

2 of the heading requirements are missing

All of the article information is missing


Information from the news article is clearly summarized. 5 sentences including the who, what, where, when, why or how questions.

Information from news article is clearly summarized. 4 sentences address the who, what, where, when, why or how questions.

Summary may be unclear or incomplete. There is a need for more supporting details. 3 sentences are included.

Too much information was copied from the text or important details are left out. Details or summary may be confusing. 2 or fewer sentences.


Writer makes little or no errors in grammar or spelling that distracts from the reader from the content. Every paragraph contains sentences that are well constructed.

Writer makes few errors in grammar or spelling that distracts the reader from the content. Most sentences are well constructed.

Writer makes some major errors in grammar and spelling. Some sentences may not be well constructed.

Writer makes many errors in grammar or spelling. Sentences lack structure and appear incomplete or confusing.


Insightfully makes multiple text-text, text-self or text-world connections. At least 5 sentences

Insightfully makes text-text, text-self, text-world connections. 4 sentences.

Attempts to make appropriate text-text, text-self, text-world connections but lacks sufficient detail to establish connection.

Connection is inappropriate to the article or not complete.


Article is attached and clearly relates to the topic of human health, fitness, sport or physical education.



Article may be missing or does not clearly relate to the topic of human health, fitness, sport or physical education.


Assignment is due at the beginning of class every Friday. If there is no school due to a holiday, assignment will be due the last day of that week.






















Aug 24:  Health Current Event written in class.

Aug 27-29:  Health Pamphlet on a chosen health topic.  (Includes info, facts, and pics.)


Nutrition, Tobacco, Mental/Emotional Health, Diet, Exercise, Alcohol, Drugs, Building Relationships, Social Media Platforms (Positive and/or Negative) etc.

With a partner, students are to choose three forms of media to create.  Students will share their presentations in class on Wednesday.  You may choose three from the list below:

 1.  Create a powerpoint

 2.  Create a website

 3.  Share a small video clip under 3 minutes.

 4.  Make a poster.

 5.  Write a poem.

 6.  Create a collage.

 7.  Write and sing a rap.

 8.  Make a 2-3 minute speech.

 9.  Write a 2-3 page essay.

10.  Construct a diorama.

September 13th:  Health self assessment.

September 14th: Assigned:   Pg. 7 #1-7

September 20th:  Contrast heredity and environment.  Five paragraph essay.

September 21st:  Health current event due.

September 27th:  Pg. 11.

October 4th:  Pg. 17 #1-6.

October 5th:  Pg. 22 assignment.

October 12th:  1st quarter exam.


2nd Quarter, October 15th:

Building Health Skills, Chapter 2:  Accessing Information, Advocacy, Self Management, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making/Goal Setting, and Analyzing Influences.

Oct 18th:  Health topic current events.

October 22-25:  Conflict Resolution Skits.

October 26-October 30:  Analyzing Media Influences.

November 5-9:  Conflict Resolution and Roleplay Scenarios.

November 12-16:  Problem Solving, Thinking things through:  Problem Solving scenarios.

November 29-December 7:  Setting Personal Health Goals.

December 10-14:  Your Character in Action.

December 17:  Teens Making a Difference.

December 18:  Review for semester exam.

December 19-21:  1st. Semester exam.