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Coach Young's Classroom Website

Welcome to Coach Young's Web Page!

  The web address is  Please bookmark or add this to your favorites on your computer.  My email address is   Warren E. Hearnes Elementary School Phone number is 573-683-3728.  The best time to contact me is from 8:05-8:45.  Appointments can be made during this time to discuss your child.   It is my hope your child has an outstanding school year!

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Coach Young’s Daily Schedule:


Time                                       Event                            

8:05-8:55                      Special Classes:

                                        Mon- Library

                                        Tues- Art

                                        Wed- Music

                                        Thurs- P.E.

                                        Fri- Computers

9:00-10:00                    Reading Horizons – MWF

                                        Regular Reading Class

10:00-11:00                  Math

11:00-11:15                  Spelling

11:15-11:50                  ELA - Grammar

11:50-12:10                  Recess

12:15-12:40                  Lunch

12:45-1:00                    ELA – Finish Grammar

1:00-1:40                      Social Studies

1:45-2:25                      Science

2:30-2:50                      Recess








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